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Hire a Friend


Hire a friend! Get a plumber and electrical man who can fix and support multiple problems. We have experience with building homes from the ground up to replacing toilet parts.

Our team has bee working for years, in older homes presenting special problems, to newer homes with challenging fix-its. Our Team has an eye and a knack for solving the problems faced by homeowners left with inexperienced remodeler’s cheap tricks.

Summer specialist, a builder from A-Z! Someone who can plan with you and deliver what you expect. Choose from coastal to contemporary repairs and remodeling. A fixer upper to the most elegant home can need on going support, repairs, upgrades,  and our team can deliver it all and on time.

A carpenter with plumbing and electrical experiences for over 35 years can make a difference in quality and quantity of work performed per dollar. Add it up! Cheaper isn’t always better if the job has to be redone. Christian will take the time to explain the possibilities and alternative ways to fix a problem. You choose after all you are the boss!

Need a quick fix! Call Christian! Repairs and home fixes are just around the corner. Got a leaky faucet, toilet that wont flush, an annoying wiring problem, windows or doors that will not close, fences falling down, water leaks, etc. pick up the phone and request a free estimate now! Additions from wheel chair accessibility to home remodel we do the job completely and we stand  behind our work.

Call for a quote or estimate today.

Promotions of the Month

$ 300. OFF on Any Bathroom Remodel over $ 3500. 00

 $ 500. OFF on Any Theater Room Addition over $ 5000.00

Sit back and enjoy surround sound, while you become engrossed in your favorite movie. Listen to the ocean roar, hold on to your seat as dinosaurs roam the island, revel in the excitement of your favorite team sport finals!
With this new addition you will empress all your friends and neighbors with the beauty of your new addition!

 $ 1500.   Off any Theme or Entertainment room over $ 7500.00

Follow your dreams have Christian give you a room of wonder and excitement by building your own personal choice of theme. Creativity is yours, after all this is your home to enjoy!!

 $ 500.    Off man cave over $ 3500.00

Need a space to relax and call your own. Let Christian lay out a plan and work with you to provide your space. The Guys will love it and you will call it home, you deserve it!

 $ Free toilet seat with toilet replacement!

Update your fixtures now, replace a few items and make your bath room look like new.
Add a few modern features and make it a great place to visit. Need a T.V. need a phone,          need a tub with jets call Christian!

 $ 100.00 Off built-ins, Bars, Cabinets, Fireplaces, etc.

 $ 500.00 Off Indoor Gym over $ 3500.00

Build a gym and get fit while your children enjoy a new place to play on a rainy day!
Fun for the whole family is just a call away!

Fireplace installed and so pleased

We started some weeks ago with just an idea. After talking with the lead contractor, I  was able to make my design come     true. I picked out the materials and the size and soon, it was working.  Not to mention, my heating bill was significantly reduced after installing this ventless fireplace.