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Save Money this May

Hire a Friend

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  Hire a friend! Get a plumber and electrical man who can fix and support multiple problems. We have experience with building homes from the ground up to replacing toilet parts. Our team has bee working for years, in older homes presenting special problems, to newer homes with challenging fix-its. Our Team has an eye […]

Promotions of the Month

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$ 300. OFF on Any Bathroom Remodel over $ 3500. 00  $ 500. OFF on Any Theater Room Addition over $ 5000.00 Sit back and enjoy surround sound, while you become engrossed in your favorite movie. Listen to the ocean roar, hold on to your seat as dinosaurs roam the island, revel in the excitement […]

Fireplace installed and so pleased

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We started some weeks ago with just an idea. After talking with the lead contractor, I  was able to make my design come     true. I picked out the materials and the size and soon, it was working.  Not to mention, my heating bill was significantly reduced after installing this ventless fireplace.